As a leading manufacturer of microscopes ZEISS offers inspiring solutions and services for your life sciences and materials research, education and clinical routine. Reliable...

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Viscometer is a device for dynamic viscosity measurement. You can use it to measure the viscosity of various fluids including adhesives, paints, lubricating oils, varnishes,...

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Rheometer - devices for measuring viscosity of liquids and suspensions, which depends on the impact of external forces. You can choose between rotary or stretching rheometers. We...

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Spectrophotometer is an instrument that sends electromagnetic radiation into a target and measure the resulting interaction of the energy and the target. You will use a UV/VIS...

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Calorimeter can measure the quantity of heat transferred to or from an object.  Calorimeters, that we offer, may have these options:  Standard vessel for wire...

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Titration is the oldest known quantitative analysis method for the reagent of known concentration. Modern technology allows precise to detect equivalence endpoint and performs all...

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