Clean rooms

Clean environment is particularly important in food and pharmaceutical production rooms, research institutes, medical-purpose research laboratories. Any environmental...

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Laminar boxes

Laminar boxes are well designed for cell culture and microbiology laboratory work. There are integrated high performance HEPA and ULPA filters, which seized foreign particles. Air...

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Fume hoods

Fume hood is designed to work with a variety of chemical (concentrated, volatile) substances for research and specialized laboratories. Hoods are made of high-quality metal,...

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Glove boxes

An inert atmosphere system (glove box), designed to work with oxygen and humidity-sensitive samples. We offer a variety of sizes and different structural materials (metal, acrylic...

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Isolator systems are designed to meet the challenges and market requirements for low OEL containment systems in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical devices, Radiopharmaceutical...

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Plant Growth Chamber

Plant Growth Chamber is ideal for plant production. They are controlled by the temperature, light and humidity conditions. They also facilitate plant photosynthesis, respiration,...

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