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Cleanroom Consumable Products from Micronclean Products Ltd

Micronclean Products Ltd has been providing critical garment services within the UK for over 30 years. This experience has allowed the development of a range of cleanroom garments to exceed the stringent needs of all types of cleanroom users. Mincronclean specialise in the manufacture and supply of GMP compliant products for use in critical environments, cleanrooms and laboratories to support contamination control and aid regulatory compliance.
All critical products are manufactured within ISO4 or 5 environments, clean packed and double bagged with ultra clean packaging (and irradiated if required sterile) whilst being fully supported by extensive technical data and validation support guides.
The micronclean products portfolio has been carefully assembled to provide customers with high quality, fully validated technically supported products that fulfill and exceed the demands of their application and environment.


  • Permanent Launderable Garments

Cleanroom clothing manufactured from ultra low-linting polyester with an interwoven anti-static carbon grid. All seams are bound and re-inforced for additional strength at stress points, Fabric can withstand 50 wash and irradiation cycles, manufactured and packed in an ISO4 environment.

More specifications you can find here.

  • Disposable Cleanroom Garments

Low-linting, ESD Disposable Cleanroom Clothing and Accessories for effective particulate control & operator protection.
More specifications you can find here. 

  • Footwear 
  • Face Mask 


  • Disinfectants

Alcohols, Biocides and Sporicides for Surface Disinfection, available as Trigger Spray, 5 Litre Ready-to-Use & Unit Doses.

  • Dry Wipes

Ultra low-linting 100% Polyester Cleanroom Wipes available with a number of alternative sealed edges in various sizes. Also Low-linting Wipes for surface wiping in lower grade Cleanrooms and Support Areas available in various sizes and qty's.

  • Pre-Saturated Wipes

Biocide, Sporicide and Alcohol Wipes available in a number of different wiper materials, wipe sizes and pack quantities.

  • Cleanrooms Mopping

Stainless Steel Trolley Systems and Pre-saturated Disposable Bucket-less Mopping System for Cleanroom Cleaning. Each component of Sistem pays an important role in delivering the highest level of cleanliness. The inovative swivel map frame uniformly and presicely applies cleaning and sanitizing agents onto floors, walls and ceilings.


  • Sterile  
  • Non-Sterile Gloves 

Cleanroom laundered and ISO4 packed and processed, Sterilised by Gamma Irradiation.


  • Contamination Control Mats

Permanent and Disposable solutions for controlling foot and wheel-borne contamination upon entry to critical areas. 

  • Cleanroom Stationery

Clean processed stationery with low-linting and low fibre-shed particle counts, combined with excellent ESD properties.


All information about Micronclean Products Ltd production you can find in catalogue PDF.

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