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Laminar Flow Cabinets


The market leader in clean room equipment now offers its customers even more options for laminar air cabinets. The new generation of Airstream® laminar cabinets offers more opportunities for customers, e.g. glass side walls, various unit sizes, and heights. In addition to a variety of options, ESCO laminar flow cabinets also have the advantage of being powered by a DC ECM motor, which is one of the most energy- efficient in the world. ESCO laminar cabinets still provide the same or even higher level of protection for users, products, samples, and the environment.

Horizontal laminar flow cabinets are designed to work with plant tissue cultures. The cabinets are characterized by an extremely smooth and easy-to-clean workplace, ease of use, extremely high filtration quality, and energy-saving properties. Experience quality protection – experience innovation.

ESCO Airstream® horizontal and vertical airflow laminar flow cabinets incorporate the latest laminar flow technologies and innovative solutions to ensure the protection of your samples and processes. You can choose from a wide range of horizontal and vertical airflow laminar cabinet specifications, enjoying the protection benefits of products even where user protection is not necessary.



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