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Refrigerators / Freezers

The medical sector could not be imagined without quality refrigerators or freezers, which is why we have responsibly selected the most reliable medical equipment manufacturers who can offer the best medical refrigerators and freezers in various volumes and configurations. The refrigeration equipment can be used for chemical reagents, nutrient media, blood, cell cultures, and other laboratory cultures.

According to your needs and the required temperature range, you can choose:

  •      refrigerators (-2 ... +8 C)
  •      freezers (up to -25 C; up to -40 C; up to -65 C)
  •      medical deep freezing freezers (up to -86 C)
  •      refrigerated rooms

Refrigeration with ice may be sufficient for short-term storage and refrigeration. We can offer high-quality and efficient ice generators for this purpose.




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