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ZEISS Smartzoom 5 – Your Automated Digital Microscope for Routine and Failure Analyses

Industrial microscopy from ZEISS stands for superior optical quality and top performance. And for intelligence you can put to work. Case in point: Smartzoom 5, the smart digital microscope that’s ideal for quality assurance applications in virtually every field of industry. Quick and easy to set up, fully automated, and equipped with dedicated quality assurance and quality control components, it’s so simple to operate, even untrained users will produce excellent results. With Smartzoom 5, ZEISS puts the IQ into Industrial Quality.

Smart Design

  • Your Smartzoom 5 incorporates highly intelligent quality assurance and quality control analysis (QA/QC) technologies;
  • Your digital microscope comes with a number of integrated components: the optical engine combines three functions – zoom, overview camera and coaxial illumination in a single component;
  • Your Smartzoom 5 always knows the status of all major components and corrects automatically for component variations.

Smart Workflow

  • Your Smartzoom 5 features a macro recording mode to enhance the workflow for repeat sample analyses of the same type in a step-by-step manner;
  • The integrated QA/QC graphic user interface combines with gesture control to support a seamless macro-to-detail workflow, allowing easy navigation at all times;
  • Image presets and enhancement help you get the best image. A number of image algorithms enable automatic measurements with this digital microscope.

Smart Output

  • Your Smartzoom 5 delivers fast, reproducible QA/QC measurements for routine as well as failure analyses;
  • The system's guided workflow in combination with calibrated components supports user-independent measurement results;
  • Simply annotate your images and export reports easily to word templates.

More information about microscope You’ll find in brochure below.

Useful documents:

  • ZEISS Smartzoom 5 brochure
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