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Biosafety Cabinets


ESCO is the world’s leading biosafety company, offering the widest range of industrial biosafety cabinets with thousands of facilities in laboratories around the world. This is your best solution for the most effective protection of your workers and the environment. ESCO's commitment to safety and the highest quality is evidenced by the fact that biosafety cabinets have many independent certificates and are sold in more countries than any other biosafety product.

First-class biosafety cabinets

Airstream® first-class biosafety cabinets are a leading, energy-efficient, quiet, compact, and ergonomic biosafety solution. It ensures comprehensive protection for both the user and the environment when performing experiments on organisms at biosafety levels 1, 2, and 3.

First-class biosafety cabinets have protective properties such as ISOCIDETM powder coating that prevents microbial growth, an optional UV lamp, and a UV-resistant door with an integrated VHP injection connection that can be connected to a VHP/HPV generator for a simpler decontamination process. The cabinet is powered by a DC ECM motor, which saves up to 70% energy. With an English Public Health (PHE) certificate of EN 12469, Airstream® first-class biosafety cabinets are an essential component of your laboratory.

 Second-class biosafety cabinets

Class II Type B2 biosafety cabinets protect users, products, and the environment and are designed to work with first, second, third level biosafety chemicals, biological agents. In Class II Type B2 cabinets, the air is filtered through HEPA/ ULPA filters and does not circulate at the workplace.

ESCO Class 2 biosafety cabinets are an effective solution to protect users, products, and the environment in laboratories and industrial buildings. Thanks to the built-in DC ECM motor, it is the most energy-efficient second-class biosafety cabinet in the world and compared to AC-powered cabinets, it saves up to 70% energy. This cabinet is also characterized by a stable and self-compensating airflow, which remains the same even in the event of a power failure in the building. The safety of the ESCO Airstream® second-class biosafety cabinet is also ensured by the fact that this device is coated with antimicrobial coating both inside and outside. The cabinet is EN 12469 certified.

The ESCO Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinet is one of the best choices when you want to ensure the safety of users, products, and the environment in your laboratories. The cabinet uses DC ECM motors, which save up to 70% energy. All necessary information is provided on the screen of the Sentinel Gold Microprocessor controller, and Dynamic Chamber technology, ISO Class 3 work area, and ISOCIDE interior and exterior coating ensure that all staff, products, and the environment are fully protected from harmful biological agents. NSF 49 and UL 61010 certifications ensure that the ESCO Airstream® Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinet is a true leader in its field.



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