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For more than 15 years, we have represented various well-known, high-quality laboratory, analytical, and metrological equipment manufacturers in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Close and long-term cooperation with reliable partners allows us to be the first to learn about value-creating innovations and to offer individual solutions that best meet our customers’ needs. We are trusted by scientists of the largest universities and research institutes in the Baltic countries, laboratory workers of industrial companies, and quality control specialists.

To provide excellent customer service, we put a lot of effort into improving our employees’ qualifications. Our team constantly enhances their knowledge and skills by participating in training organized by manufacturers, various scientific exhibitions, and conferences.

The company has implemented an integrated quality and environmental management system that meets international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The equipment we offer has the certificates required by Lithuania and the European Union and is manufactured to the highest quality requirements.



We seek to become a leading implementer of new high technologies in science and industrial production in the Baltic States. To ensure the supply of high-quality laboratory and analytical equipment to scientists, researchers, and quality control specialists and to guarantee prompt service.



We aim to create added value for science and industry by offering each customer a broad and individual selection of laboratory and analytical equipment and tools. We try to reduce the negative impact on the environment by making environmentally friendly decisions.

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