Virtual Event: 3D Bioprinting in the Baltics

We invite you to participate in the virtual event, which is a perfect opportunity to get useful insights on how to reach your full potential in the areas of cellular disease models, tissue engineering, drug discovery, or personalized medicine with exceptional 3D bioprinting technology that is now available in the Baltic countries. Learn how to reach the next level in your work, goals, and ambitions by using exceptional capabilities yet simple Swiss Med Tech company REGENHU’s bioprinting instruments.

Regenhu bioprinter

3D Bioprinting Technology for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

With the rapid development of medicine, 3D bioprinting is becoming increasingly important for improving people’s quality of life. Modern 3D bioprinting solutions are already irreplaceable in the next generation of research, testing, or diagnostics. For those who invest in future technology and look for ways to revolutionize medicine, we present the powerful R-GEN 200 bioprinter, designed exclusively for medical innovators.

High-Quality Garment Offers for Cleanrooms Workers

It is essential to ensure that everything you use in the cleanroom will be of the best quality, from technical solutions to footwear, to achieve the hygiene specifications. Regarding cleanroom garments, you should choose specialized clothing with great responsibility, as it can effectively reduce the spread of unwanted particles and environmental pollution if worn correctly and adequately.

Powerful, Yet Easy to Use Solution – The New eiger2 R 250k X-Ray Detector

BRUKER and DECTRIS, the technology leader in Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) detectors for laboratory instrumentation and synchrotron beamlines, introduce the EIGER2 R 250K X-ray detector, the latest member in the EIGER2 R series of HPC pixel detectors. It is an extremely powerful and easy-to-use multifunctional solution.