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The New Esco Avita Series for Sample Storage

Quality Laboratory Refrigeration Solutions

The need to maintain optimal temperatures and safely transport biological samples has become particularly relevant during a global pandemic. Improper storage conditions usually affect the quality of the samples, so it is important to choose equipment that performs the refrigeration function reliably. To facilitate transportation and storage processes, Esco has developed a new line of Avita laboratory refrigeration equipment.

Freezers and refrigerators for reliable sample storage

Esco’s efficient technology equipment is the first choice for laboratories, medical facilities, and manufacturing companies. High-quality, durable equipment ensures the safety of stored samples and maintains the required temperature. Adapting to current global and technical trends, Esco offers laboratory freezer solutions whose main features are higher capacity and variable temperature range.

Advantages of refrigeration products:

  • Cooling system to maintain optimal temperature;
  • Microprocessor control system with the audible signal;
  • Built-in sensor to warn of temperature changes;
  • Stored samples are protected by a lock, password.

Mobile freezer – for safe transportation

The rechargeable and mobile refrigeration solution is a great alternative to stationary freezers. The ergonomically manufactured design allows this device safely transported or used in small spaces. Due to the possibility of 3 different temperature modes, this cooler maintains the optimum temperature and protects the quality of the samples. The large internal compartments in the freezer allow samples to be stacked, so you can transport larger quantities at a time.

Interested in more detailed information about the Esco Avita line? Our specialists will consult and be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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