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3D Bioprinting Technology for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Regenhu bioprinter

With the rapid development of medicine, 3D bioprinting is becoming increasingly important for improving people’s quality of life. Modern 3D bioprinting solutions are already irreplaceable in the next generation of research, testing, or diagnostics. For those who invest in future technology and look for ways to revolutionise medicine, we present the powerful R-GEN 200 bioprinter designed exclusively for medical innovators.

The R-GEN 200 bioprinter - for people evolving medicine

A Swiss Med Tech company Regenhu’s new 3D bioprinting station in a biosafety enclosure helps researchers turn ideas into reality and expand them into previously unexplored areas of medicine.

Advanced 3D printing equipment is a versatile platform configured to maximise the individual needs of tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, drug development, and research or development projects.

The R-GEN 200 bioprinter allows one to plan and implement the entire bioprinting process independently – from an idea to execution, combines standard 3D printing and advanced technologies in one instrument and has state-of-the-art software.

R-GEN 200 bioprinter
R-GEN 200 bioprinter

The latest biomaterial production technology

The new generation of bioprinting equipment precisely deposits biological and biochemical materials or living cells in 2D and 3D formats on the principle of additive production. Biomaterials such as cells, proteins, bacteria, and bio-gels can be printed from scratch, layer by layer, using different bio-inks.

Unlike traditional production technologies, such printing ensures a minimum consumption of cells and materials, as they are dosed at the micron level. It is worth noticing that it is possible to produce bio-products with very complex geometry with this method.

One instrument - the limitless possibilities of 3D bioprinting

The R-GEN 200 bioprinter is distinguished because it has a combined methodology for applying different bio-inks – up to 5 other materials can be used in one process! And the accuracy of the processes, their optimisation, and continuous control allow us to take advantage of the unique properties of the materials used in the process, reproducing or restoring natural human tissues.

Printed biological systems are extremely close to natural biosystems. They can be used for unprecedented research, testing, or diagnostics, making you the first in the Baltics to create outstanding innovations in the medical and healthcare industries.

R-GEN 200 bioprinter
R-GEN 200 bioprinter

Why choose the Regenhu R-GEN 200 bioprinter?

  • Wide range of applications
  • Combination of different technologies
  • Production of high repeatability and precision prototypes
  • Suitable for even the most complex geometries
  • Time-saving
  • Individually configurable

What can the R-GEN 200 bio printer be used for?

regenhu application fields

With this powerful instrument, it is possible to create tissues that are physiologically close to human skin and are suitable for a wide range of tests. Also, to manufacture and develop customised drugs by tailoring treatment doses or combining several active ingredients into a single solid dosage form.

Last but not least, this instrument can create physiological disease cell models that test the therapeutic hypothesis, control the deposition of different cell types and excipients, and thus provide a potential technological solution for new drug projects.

Let us help you to choose the most suitable 3D bio-printing solution

We are glad to be one of the first in Lithuania to offer bio-printing technology and inform you about the possibilities of the R-GEN 200 bioprinter. Our specialists will ensure you have a consultation with qualified professionals representing modern equipment from Regenhu or free access to a learning platform designated for research, seminars, and exceptional online learning.

We guarantee help at every step when choosing the solution that best suits your needs and desires. Contact us today!

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Upcoming virtual event: 3D Bioprinting in the Baltics

We invite you to participate in the virtual event, which is a perfect opportunity to get valuable insights on how to reach your full potential in the areas of cellular disease models, tissue engineering, drug discovery, or personalised medicine with exceptional 3D bioprinting technology that is now available in the Baltic countries.

Regenhu’s experts will tell more about their experience introducing and demonstrating their multi-material 3D precision printers in this webinar about bioprinting. At the end of the event, you will also have time to ask any questions that you might have (how to apply, etc.) and get answers.

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