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ZEISS Primostar 3 Microscope for Modern Digital Teaching

Modernu ZEISS Primostar 3 - šiuolaikiškai edukacijai ir mokslui pritaikytas mikroskopas

Modern, user-friendly, and exceptionally comfortable, the ZEISS Primostar 3 is an innovative microscope designed to cater to contemporary education, scientific exploration, and daily tasks. Uncover a previously uncharted realm of nature and embrace cutting-edge learning possibilities in your classroom or laboratory environment!

Experience a variety of advantages:

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Excellent value for money

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Integrated 8.3 MP HD WiFi camera

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ECO mode increases energy efficiency

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Free PC software installed

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Ideal for beginners and professionals

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The warranty extends up to 5 years!

ZEISS Primostar 3 - specially designed for contemporary education

ZEISS Primostar microscopes offer an ideal solution for catering to the requirements of students with their user-friendly design. Each student can effortlessly and independently explore all microscope functionalities, eliminating the need for teacher or lecturer assistance.

Equipped with a range of contrast techniques, including brightfield, darkfield, polarization, phase contrast, and fluorescence, ZEISS Primostar microscopes are well-suited for both educational and laboratory settings. The built-in 8.3 MP camera facilitates hassle-free video scanning. Additionally, the “Light Manager” feature in the microscope’s memory enables the preservation of specific illumination intensities for individual objectives.

Create new experiences in the digital classroom

The innovative ZEISS Primostar 3 microscope is tailored for individuals aiming to foster an exceptional educational environment, enabling students to immerse themselves in novel experiences and emotions. Seamless connectivity among all classroom microscopes is achievable through integration with the ZEISS LABSCOPE app and the incorporation of an 8.3-megapixel camera. This facilitates real-time observation across all microscopes, collaborative discussions within the class, and the effortless sharing of images or video streams. Embark on an era of intelligent learning!

Microscope Features:

  • adjustable light intensity
  • made of solid and resistant materials
  • 20 mm field of view
  • lenses: 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x
  • micro and macro focusing

The highest quality is guaranteed by microscopy experts

The German microscope equipment manufacturer ZEISS is known for its unparalleled quality and enduring innovation. With a focus on cost-effective, space-efficient, and dependable solutions, coupled with the integration of cutting-edge technologies into microscopic equipment, ZEISS has firmly established itself as a leader in the field of microscopy. Premier universities, research centres, laboratories, and educational institutions embrace its distinctive, forward-thinking, and advanced solutions.

Experience the ZEISS Primostar 3 firsthand and explore its full range of capabilities. Our experts will provide complimentary delivery, installation, and a comprehensive demonstration of the microscope’s features. Apply now to secure your spot and register for a complimentary ZEISS Primostar 3 demonstration – limited availability.

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