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Discover the most advanced microscopy solutions in one place

Seeking a microscope for life sciences, materials research, education, or daily tasks? Explore the official online store of Carl Zeiss Microscopy for top microscopy solutions endorsed by scientists from prominent Baltic State universities, research institutions, and laboratory professionals from leading industrial companies.


Microscopes for Industry and Education

Explore pioneering solutions and services for life sciences, materials research, education, and daily tasks


A Wide Range of Microscopes

Explore different options to suit various needs, including light, confocal, electron, or X-ray microscopes


Top Quality

Time-tested Carl Zeiss microscopy solutions combined with globally recognized state-of-the-art technologies


175 Years of Seeing Beyond

Decades of experience and ongoing product advancement ensure top-tier equipment and an exceptional experience


Expert Guidance From Specialists

Certified product experts will provide guidance, demonstrations, and assistance in selecting the optimal microscope


Support & Service

Complete assistance from initial consultation to logistics and ongoing maintenance of equipment

Carl Zeiss microscopes are distinguished by their globally acclaimed quality and enduring innovations. Affordable and compact equipment introduces young learners to optics in digital classrooms, while advanced microscopes empower scientists and experts to observe and uncover phenomena beyond imagination.

Explore the official online store of Carl Zeiss Microscopy to find inspiring solutions and services for life science and materials research, education, and daily tasks. Select the microscope that perfectly fits your requirements and job particulars without any worries.


At the official Carl Zeiss Microscopy store, you have the opportunity to:

  • Explore a diverse range of microscopes.
  • Customize your preferred microscope based on your specific requirements.
  • Review microscope and accessory prices.
  • Easily and swiftly place orders.

The benefits of partnership of INOSPECTRA:

  • Complimentary demonstration of your chosen microscope.
  • Assured assistance from our product specialists.
  • Timely delivery, installation, training, and service support.

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