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New ZEISS Primostar 3 microscope – for digital teaching and routine lab work

microscope Primostar
ZEISS Primostar 3 Microscope
ZEISS Primostar 3 Microscope
A German manufacturer Carl Zeiss Microscopy introduces the new easy-to-use, compact and long-lasting microscope Primostar 3. Your students, trainees and laboratory staff will be able to focus on the essentials from the beginning – all they will have to do: unbox, unwrap, plug in and play.

Primostar 3

  • Made of solid and resistant materials
  • Mechanical-stable
  • Comes in ready-to-use packages: Fixed-Köhler for Education / for Teaching and Routine Labs
  • Features a digital microscope camera that is fully integrated into the tube

10 highlights of Primostar 3 in 90 seconds:

Primostar 3 microscope will pay back your investment with smooth operation – day-to-day and year in, year out, due to its design for maximum ease of use.

Useful documents:

  • Zeiss Primostar 3 brochure

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