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The new partner of INOSPECTRA – the Swiss bioprinting technology company REGENHU

INOSPECTRA started a partnership with the Swiss-based company REGENHU, which creates and develops bioprinting technologies that shape the future of modern medical and biological materials manufacturing.
Dainius Vasiliauskas, the director of INOSPECTRA, notices that with the rapid progress of medicine, it is necessary to keep up with revolutionary discoveries that improve people’s lives and look for appropriate tools that would allow ideas to become a reality. This collaboration will provide a strong basis for innovation in medicine and biotechnology. The advanced 3D printing equipment systems will allow customers to plan and implement the entire bioprinting process.
“From now on, our customers will be able to use bioprinting equipment that allows the precise deposition of biomaterials such as cells, proteins, bacteria, and bio gels in 2D or 3D format. These systems are very close to natural biosystems and used for unique research, testing, or diagnostics,” says Dainius Vasiliauskas.

With the help of innovative 3D bioprinters, it is possible to create tissues that are physiologically close to human skin and are suitable for a wide range of tests. Also, to manufacture and develop customized drugs by tailoring treatment doses or combining several active ingredients into a single solid dosage form. Last but not least, such equipment can be used to create physiological disease cell models that test the therapeutic hypothesis, control the deposition of different cell types and excipients, and thus provide a potential technological solution for new drug projects.

Modern printing equipment can be applied in personalized or regenerative medicine, pharmaceuticals, tissue engineering, and other fields of medicine.

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