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Centrifuges are widely used in medical, industrial and scientific laboratories, where the use of centrifugal force is intended to separate colloidal particles or materials of different densities and to remove moisture. In addition to these functions, centrifuges can be used to perform microfiltration. Medical equipment manufacturers BIOSAN and BOECO offer reliable centrifuge solutions for your laboratory that can meet even the most demanding needs and work requirements.

We offer the widest range of options for those looking for the most suitable new assistant for professional research. Our range of choices starts with different sizes, both micro and standard size, different speeds, as well as large volume, heating or cooling centrifuges for temperature control of samples, and centrifuges that can be placed on a table or the ground. You can choose medical equipment with a variable or fixed angle rotator on which the position of the centrifuged particles depends. With optional adapters in the centrifuge, samples can be centrifuged in several types of tubes in the same rotor.

It can be difficult to choose from many centrifuge models, but our specialists will help you make the most suitable decision for you.

Our centrifuges:

  •     Cooling/heating
  •     Fixed on a table
  •     High speed
  •     Cito
  •     Micro
  •     Large-volume
  •     Manual


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