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Fume Hoods


Fume hoods are adapted to safely work with various chemical (concentrated, volatile) substances in research and specialized laboratories. A properly used and functioning fume hood removes hazardous gases, dust, mist, and vapors from an enclosed space and helps protect your workers from inhaling harmful substances.

Fume hoods are made of high-quality coated metal, the coating of which protects it from harmful substances. Fume hoods that meet the highest world quality standards stand out for their unparalleled level of ergonomics and modern design. The ventilation system, together with the aerodynamic edge of the tabletop and the sloping side panels, ensures uniform airflow throughout the enclosed space and efficient collection of harmful substances, making them maximally suitable for safe use. Work safety is also ensured by the airflow measurement system built into each fume cupboard, which complies with the EN-14175 standard.

Protect your employees and ensure maximum operational work. We offer a range of fume hoods that vary in size and purpose for your choice, which will meet even the most demanding wishes to control the negative effects of toxic, aggressive, or flammable vapors, gases, and aerosols.



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