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Laboratory Furniture


We present POL-LAB equipment for the renovation and furnishing of modern laboratory premises. Made of the highest quality materials, increased durability, chemical resistance, attractively designed furniture guarantees all safety requirements. All products are designed in accordance with mandatory European standards, good laboratory practice (GLP) rules, ergonomics, as well as occupational safety and hygiene regulations. In addition, POL-LAB laboratory furniture is perfect for the work of laboratory specialists even in extremely difficult everyday conditions.

One of the biggest advantages of this equipment is that all the furniture is manufactured and designed in one place by a professional team of designers, engineers, salesmen, and installers, who together test the products at each stage and guarantee their quality. The exceptional quality of all furniture is also confirmed by a number of quality stamps and certificates issued by independent laboratories and bodies declaring compliance with mandatory standards.

A renovation of laboratory facilities is a particularly responsible step towards better working conditions for staff and research. Choose the experience and knowledge of reliable manufacturers who implement proven solutions in the most advanced laboratories around the world.

Our laboratory furniture:

  •     Tables
  •     Anti-vibration tables
  •     Cabinets
  •     Chairs
  •     Clean room furniture


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