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Laminar Boxes


With us, you can buy laminar boxes of various sizes and designed for various laboratory needs from ESCO – the world-class manufacturer – which are designed for cell culture and microbiology laboratories that work with bacteria or cells.

ESCO laminar boxes have integrated high-quality (HEPA and ULPA) filters that trap all foreign particles. The airflow is removed through the cavities on the countertop. Laminars can be divided into laminars with vertical airflow and horizontal airflow. They have a built-in airflow measurement system that alerts the worker about a faulty airflow. Laminar fume cupboards are made of stainless steel, have no joints to prevent the accumulation of microorganisms, and can be easily disinfected. Laminar flow cabinets also have integrated UV lamps used to sterilize the cabinet before and after work.



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