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PCR Cabinets


Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is the process by which millions of copies of DNA are repeated from a single copy or the earliest possible copy of a sample. This reaction is basic for almost all applications that require a large number of copies of the starting material and is used in all laboratories working with DNA and RNA. Due to the high number of copies generated during PCR, it is essential to prevent contamination of the PCR reaction and to take all precautions during sample and reagent preparation steps. To ensure that the samples are not contaminated, it is necessary to work in an air quality controlled environment. Special biosecurity equipment is used for this purpose, like the decontamination of DNA/RNA in the laboratory.

We introduce ESCO PCR cabinets for contamination control and simpler PCR replication processes. Each PCR cabinet has a vertical HEPA-filtered laminar flow to clean the work area between amplification and preparative procedures. An integrated UV lamp allows quick and effective decontamination of the work area between experiments and prevents cross-contamination. Available in Streamline® or Airstream® PCR cabinet lines.

Advantages of Streamline® PCR cabinets:

  •      HEPA filtered laminar flow
  •      Takes up little space, is economical
  •      Simple and reliable control

Advantages of Airstream® PCR cabinets:

  •      HEPA filtered laminar flow
  •      Airflow monitoring
  •      Advance warnings for UV lamp and filter replacement


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