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Storage Vessels


Dewars, otherwise known as storage vessels, are designed for the preservation and storage of biological samples using cryogenic temperatures achieved through the use of liquid or vaporous nitrogen. Thanks to it, extremely high temperatures can be created. Liquid nitrogen tanks do not emit heat and operate without any noise, they do not require three-phase electricity or backup generators. Liquid nitrogen freezers, when maintained at -190C, can use vapor phase storage technology to ensure the safest level of decontamination. Storage vessels are ideal for the preservation of assisted reproduction, immunology, gene therapy, tissue accumulation, bone marrow, and stem cells, umbilical cord blood, algae, fungi, viruses, and other substances.

Storage of biological samples in liquid nitrogen allows the highest possible temperature to be maintained, which helps to preserve unchanged samples for a long time, and storage in vapor nitrogen reduces the possibility of cross-contamination between samples and liquid entering the duct, thus reducing the risk of explosion.

The choice of dewars should take into account many requirements, including storage phase, storage temperature, capacity, device efficiency, service life, buildability, warranty period, supplier reliability, remote monitoring of the dewar, and inventory control. Our specialists will help you choose from a wide range of dewars and make the decision that best meets your needs.



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