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Take the Control of Your Glovebox With Your Voice

Technologija padedanti balsu kontroliuoti inertinės atmosferos sistemos funkcijas.

Mbraun introduces a unique innovation – artificial intelligence-based technology that allows the user to control the functions of the glovebox by voice. As many as 250 voice commands will enable you to effectively manage the inert atmosphere system during work operations, thus helping to optimise working time. This innovation makes it easier for the user to change the system settings when they no longer need to do it with their hands, which are busy with other work inside the inert atmosphere system.

Innovative technology saves time, increases ergonomics, and guarantees uninterrupted user work. This ensures greater work efficiency and provides the user with exceptional comfort and the ability to control camera cycles, adjust pressure, and more without removing hands from gloves.

The Mbraun Labmaster platforms and the MB20 / MB200 inert gas purification systems feature a voice control function that allows the glove box to be operated offline (a stand-alone system). This ensures an extremely high level of data protection, as all data is stored in the GloveBox system, and you can order voice commands in English.

Technologies such as voice control with artificial intelligence technology are adapting and meeting the growing needs of research laboratories. They should change how we work with current inert atmosphere systems shortly, as the concept of inert atmosphere control is completely simplified.

Watch the principle of MB-VOICE-CONTROL function

In addition to the MB-VOICE-CONTROL function, Mbraun also offers additional improvements to inert atmosphere systems. From now on, you can buy a more advanced exhaust system, more convenient, bottom-shelf-mounted, pull-out shelves or box holders.

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