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ELECTROLAB BIOTECH bacteriological bioreactors or cell culture fermentation equipment includes fermentation vessels of various volumes, temperature and mixing control devices, pH and oxygen measurement devices, additional lighting solutions for photobioreactors. It is an ideal choice for microbial and cell culture studies.

World-class bioreactors have a high level of technical expertise and support. Whether you buy one bioreactor or several systems for research or production, all your needs will definitely be met by universal, laboratory-tested, and reliable FerMac 310/60, 320, or 200 series bioreactor fermenters.

Bioreactors are the most important industrial biotechnology devices that are perfect for maintaining a biologically active environment. Chemical processes take place in the bioreactor vessels in the presence of microorganisms or the biologically active substances released by them. In bioreactor vessels, there can be aerobic or anaerobic conditions created. According to their specificity, bioreactors are divided into multifunctional or single-function bioreactors. In their containers, the products can be mixed, moved, and ventilated.

Depending on your production needs, the following tanks can be selected: with continuous or intermittent mixing or with adjustable material feed. They also integrate pH, CO2, O2, and temperature sensors.



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