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Disposable Tools

For those looking for high-quality and reliable consumables made of glass or plastic, or who want to supplement laboratory equipment, we offer probably the largest selection of disposable equipment for laboratory work from various, carefully selected, and time-tested manufacturers. Take the opportunity to quickly and easily select all the work aids you need without the hassle and with the help from our specialists.

Tools adapted to different laboratory tasks are ideal for both routine laboratory work and microbiology or cell culture research. A wide range of products from various clear polystyrene (PS) Petri dishes, different volumes of automatic, serological, Pasteur pipettes and their accessories, polypropylene centrifugal and micro tubes, nozzles, measuring vessels, plastic or cardboard refrigerators to various filters from which you can choose.

One-time measures we offer:

  •     Filters
  •     Connections
  •     Tips
  •     Microplates
  •     Volume tubes
  •     Gloves, disposable clothing
  •     Adhesive mats, cloths
  •     Hoses
  •     Calibration solutions
  •     Refrigerators and tubes
  •     Other

For the development of your microorganisms, we offer Petri dishes of different sizes, which are made of high-quality clear polystyrene (PS), with colored inoculated loops and needles from a well-known brand RATIOLAB. Petri dishes are uncoated, permeable, sterilized, or made in pure conditions.

We have a flexible approach to your needs and preferences in choosing different laboratory equipment, so we can help you complete a set that will fully satisfy and save time in finding the best solution for your laboratory.

Various RATIOLAB centrifuge and micro tubes are made of high-quality polypropylene (PP), have a round or conical bottom, can be sterile or non-sterile, and have screw caps. Centrifuge tubes with a red cap come with printed gradients and a matte writing field. The suitable temperature is between -80°C and 121°C Celsius. You can also buy various volumes of automatic, serological, Pasteur pipettes and nozzles, plastic or cardboard refrigerated boxes of various sizes and calibration solutions.



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