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Dissolved Oxygen Meters

Oxygen is a parameter which is frequently measured in the lab. It plays an important role in the degradation of substances or with the growth of micro-organisms, in the environmental as well as in the biological technology. All benchtop meters are available as application-

Dissolved oxygen measurements are usually performed in salt or fresh water, where the amount of oxygen in the solution depends on the temperature. For this reason, meters have an integrated thermometer and a salt determination function. In addition to the influence of temperature and salinity, atmospheric pressure is also measured (when the pressure drops, the amount of oxygen detected in the water also decreases).

We can offer exceptional meters that have automatic compensation for these three factors, which makes DO measurements extremely accurate.

For those who want to update or supplement the range of dissolved oxygen meters, we offer the best solutions for your more advanced dissolved oxygen measurements. We invite you to contact our specialists who have many years of experience in helping customers make the most optimal solution or choosing the best set of preferred tools.

Dissolved oxygen meters we offer:

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