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BTX was at the forefront of electroporation technology back in 1983, when the first commercial electroporator was introduced. Electroporation is a physical method in which cells are exposed to a short pulse of a strong electric field. Cell membranes become permeable to ions and various molecules, including macromolecules such as proteins or DNA. An electroporation device is an electrical device that generates rectangular electrical pulses the parameters of which can be varied within certain pulse limits. Today, BTX experts continue to design electroporation and electrofusion systems in almost every area where electroporation applications are possible.

Use the experience of a long-standing professional who has perfected electroporation systems to the maximum to introduce or remove non-transmembrane substances such as drugs, proteins, enzymes, antibodies, nucleotides, RNA, and even small organs from living cells. Enter foreign DNA into cells of any nature. Successfully transform a variety of mammalian, insect, unicellular, and plant cells, bacteria, or yeast. And most importantly,  conveniently provide high-quality, all the necessary consumables – cuvettes, solutions, and adapters.



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