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Gel Documentation


Rapidly evolving imaging technologies provide research laboratories and industry professionals with a unique opportunity to enjoy even greater sharpness, accuracy, and the highest level of contrast imaging documentation through a more advanced analysis of DNA structure, size, and quantity. Each user can now choose gel documentation equipment according to the complexity and importance of their research, with a wide range of applications available for chemiluminescence, bioluminescence, and fluorescence. We offer UVITEC, one of the strongest manufacturers of molecular biology imaging systems of today, systems with a user-friendly software package.

UVITEC develops user-friendly products, optimizes hardware/ software integration and research data, focuses on unforgettable user experience. Video devices are fully automated, providing unparalleled ease of use, and a smoother workflow. Patented camera optics and optional lenses ensure femtogram-level detection. The software is unlicensed, so its use is unlimited. What is more, video equipment can be upgraded with the requirements of your applications, has plug-n-play technology, and the modules are fully upgradeable.



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