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Achieve better sample preparation results with compact, ergonomic, and highly reliable homogenizers from leading manufacturers – a solution that can solve even the most complex challenges of research laboratories.

Homogenizers are designed to obtain dispersive emulsions. At high speed, the material is broken down into fine particles through the capillary angels and mixed in a certain medium (dispersed). The most efficient way to form a homogeneous mass is still a mechanical rotor/stator technology, which allows the sample to be mechanically crushed. Ultrasonic homogenizers are particularly useful when it comes to mixing non-self-mixing materials of different densities.

Depending on the size and structure of the material to be dispersed, homogenizers of various capacities and types – mechanical, ultrasonic, and bag type (Bag Mixers) – from carefully selected partners allows safe processing of almost all large or small samples. Ultrasonic homogenizers in different volumes allow efficient processing of various organic and inorganic materials.

Take the opportunity to supplement your laboratory with specially designed equipment to facilitate and optimize your research or sample preparation processes of a pharmaceutical, dye, and food industry.

Our homogenizers:

  •     Ultrasound
  •     Mechanical
  •     Bag Mixers


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