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Incubators are designed to store microplates, tubes, and various laboratory samples under the necessary conditions.

Maintaining temperature and CO2 levels is especially important for storing cells, tissues, or plant cultures. We can offer autonomous CO2 incubators or bacteriological incubators for these storage conditions. Autonomous CO2 incubators are well adapted because they create anaerobic conditions. You can also choose high-quality bacteriological incubators, in which the heat flow is distributed by natural convection. These incubators are programmable by setting temperature and time. The inside of the incubator is made of stainless steel with rounded corners.

For those looking for the best selection conditions, we offer a wide range of incubator choices for clinical and educational institutions or industrial laboratories.

Models of our incubators:

  •    With or without CO2
  •     BOD
  •     With or without refrigeration function
  •     With shaking function


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