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Laboratory Dishwashers


Each laboratory has certain specific requirements for the leaching of material residues from various laboratory vessels to the required level of cleaning and sterilization. In order to properly prepare for tests and trials, we recommend SALVIS LAB programmable laboratory dishwashers. These are dishwashers that stand out for the highest level of quality and advantages that can meet both basic and professional requirements for washing, disinfecting, and sterilizing laboratory dishes.

Programmable laboratory dishwashers are an ideal solution for dishes of various contamination, including glassware, which is difficult to wash not only due to their different shapes but also due to the use of various organic and inorganic chemicals. Programmable laboratory dishwasher models have many advantages in terms of both control and safety: no manual procedures are required, the cost of chemical disinfectants is saved, direct contact with hazardous substances is avoided and the harmful effects on the environment are reduced by the separation of drained liquids. All dishwashers are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to strong acids.

You can also choose dishwashers from a wide range of our partners, which have various functions and technologies that provide additional benefits to your work results. Dishwashers with drying function save laboratory specialists' work time and integrated steam condenser leads the washed dishes to be protected from environmental pollution. Depending on the materials used and the number of dishes, you can choose dishwashers of different sizes and programmable functions.



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