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Laboratory Glassware

The highest quality patented glassware used by our suppliers for sample preparation and other laboratory glassware have expanded the boundaries of chemistry and made it possible to achieve what previously seemed unattainable. Maximum chemical resistance, minimal thermal expansion, and high resistance even to high heat are the properties that meet the standards of the most advanced laboratory equipment.

Glassware of various shapes and sizes is easily adapted for physicochemical analysis laboratory work with chemical reagents, especially with high concentrations of acids or alkalis and other samples of various types. If necessary, you can choose heat-resistant dishes that have the appropriate gradation and other characteristics.

Our glass products:

  •     Petri dishes
  •     Tubes, cuvettes
  •     Flasks
  •     Measuring cylinders
  •     Bottles
  •     Burettes
  •     Pipettes
  •     Funnels
  •     Glasses


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