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Liquid Dispensing Equipment

We can offer advanced liquid dosing equipment with integrated functions for extremely accurate dosing, measuring, and liquid transfer. One of them is pipettes with a digital volume display, which makes it possible to determine the exact required volume and dispense it automatically.

We also offer particularly high applications for peristaltic pumps. With us, you can buy peristaltic pumps, ideal for juice production, pizza sauce dosing, vitamin A and D injection, tissue culture work, cosmetics production, nutrient supply for cultures, acid/alkali dosing, glue emulsion dosing, fuel and oil transport, etc. The flow rate of peristaltic pumps ranges from 0.0007 ml/min to 45 l/min and the generated pressure can be up to 8.6 bar.

Our dosing equipment:

  •     Dispensers for bottles
  •     Single-channel pipettes
  •     Multichannel pipettes
  •     Electronic pipettes
  •     Peristaltic pumps


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