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Laboratory mills, selected responsibly and appropriately for crushing or grinding samples of organic or inorganic origin, are an indispensable helper in achieving better analytical results with specialized equipment. Our range includes many of the best and most commonly chosen solutions. With us, you can buy many laboratory mills and shredders for sample preparation and grinding of almost any dry matter to the smallest particles.

Depending on the level of grinding required, we can offer ball, disc, chopping, planetary, or rotary mills. With different sample preparation rates and quantities, mills of appropriate capacity and volume can be selected. For your convenience, we use mills to prepare samples from various institutions.

Depending on the sample type, sample volume, and desired particle size, easily select a laboratory mill. The final particle size can range from 1 to 205 micrometers, depending on the type of grinder selected.

Our mills:

  •     Ball
  •     Disk
  •     Chopping
  •     Planetary
  •     Rotary


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