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Plastic Products

We can offer a wide range of plastic laboratory utensils, from tubes, bottles, or cylinders to pipettes. These tools are ideal for growing cell cultures as well as for microbiology laboratory work. There are many different shapes and sizes of plastic products suitable for working in non-sterile or sterile conditions. Plastic products are light and have impact resistance properties, but are unsuitable for storage of concentrated chemicals such as acids or alkalis.

Update your lab tools easily, quickly, and conveniently with our help. Let's get in touch!

Our plastic products:

  •      Petri dishes
  •      Tubes
  •      Flasks
  •      Measuring cylinders
  •      Bottles
  •      Corks
  •      Pipettes
  •      Funnels
  •      Cyclists
  •      Freezers
  •      Stands


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