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Scales are an everyday tool in most laboratories, so choosing a weighing assistant must be done responsibly. We are ready to help you choose the most suitable laboratory equipment and their kits so that we can meet your most demanding wishes. We offer a choice of reliable laboratory balance manufacturers' solutions that can be effectively applied in your laboratory.

Depending on your need, scales can be of various sizes, shapes, fixed on a table or placed on the ground. Some scales are designed to perform very accurate weighing of materials; their readability can be up to 0.0001. Most scales are made of stainless steel and have a tare function. Depending on the requirements, the scales can be selected with external or internal calibration. For exceptional laboratory solutions, we can also offer sample moisture level scales.

Our scales:

  •     Analytical
  •     Precision
  •     Medical
  •     Platforms
  •     Cranes
  •     Industrial
  •     Analyzing humidity levels


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