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Thermal Cyclers


Thermocyclers are devices used in every genetic engineering and molecular biology laboratory that performs DNA amplification, in vitro polymerase chain reaction (PCR), for research or diagnostic purposes. The periodic variation of the solution temperatures provided by the thermocyclers is particularly important for this reaction and must be chosen responsibly.

We try to offer only the best selection of thermal cyclers, so with us, you can choose different sizes, depending on the number of samples, devices whose heating blocks are adapted to work with different sizes of tubes or microplates. They are easy to operate as the parameters are visible on the screen and the heating lid prevents condensation from forming.

We have a flexible approach to your needs and preferences in choosing different laboratory equipment, so we can help you complete a set of accessories that will fully satisfy you and save time in finding the best solution for your laboratory.

Our thermal cyclists:

  •     Real-time
  •     Gradient


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