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Determining the temperature changes of the analyzed system and their management is one of the most important steps in research and production processes. Choose the latest temperature measuring devices that best suit your needs, which are sure to allow more accurate measurements even in difficult working conditions.

In addition to standard, contact thermometers that can measure temperatures in °C, °F, and °K, we offer electronic thermometers, which are the first choice at high temperatures (> 250 °C), to replace and renew fast-breaking glass thermometers filled with volatile mercury harmful for workers’ health. The best choice for working with moving or harmful objects are IR temperature measuring devices, which are specially adapted for non-contact measurements.

Our specialists will be happy to help you realize your needs, regardless of the area in which quality detection of temperature changes is required. We invite you to contact us and get all the answers to your questions quickly.

Our thermometers:

  •     Contact
  •     IR
  •     Spirit
  •     Probes
  •     Electronic
  •     Pocket


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