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Ultrasonic Equipment

To facilitate and optimize laboratory work, we recommend choosing ultrasonic cleaning equipment, which accelerates chemical reactions due to cavitation caused by high-frequency sound waves, causes compression deformations in solutions and suspensions. and is ideal for preparing fine dispersion emulsions, mixing them with immiscible liquids.

The ultrasonic equipment offered by our various suppliers is not only universal but can also safely process different volumes of various organic and inorganic materials. Ultrasonic equipment can be used for sample preparation, cell lysis, lysis, homogenization, particle size reduction, soil testing, acceleration of chemical reactions, defoaming, and atomization. We invite you to contact our team, which will be happy to take care of your needs and help you make the best decision.

Our ultrasonic equipment:

  •     Homogenizers-processors
  •     Bathtub type


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