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Vacuum Packaging Systems


Packing in a controlled atmosphere is the best way to keep a product fresh longer or protect it from the environment. When packaged under this system, the atmosphere in the package is changed around the product. In this way, chemical, enzymatic, or microbiological reactions are controlled, and the main processes of product spoiling are reduced or completely avoided.

AIRZERO introduces vacuum packaging systems that operate on an innovative vacuum packaging concept where a nozzle is used to extract air directly from the package. According to this operating concept, vacuum packaging systems are more efficient than chamber-type vacuum packaging machines. Vacuum packaging that can be done with high-temperature contents, is not limited by size of the products, nor the arrangement of food in the package. In addition, the vacuum package will not spoil the product due to a sudden pressure mismatch. AIRZERO vacuum packaging system is ISO9001 certified and CE marked.

Interested in more detailed specifications for AIRZERO vacuum packaging systems? Our specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have and advise you on the most appropriate decision.



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