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F&S Bondtec Introduces Series 56i

Serija 56i - pilnai automatizuota kontaktų surišimo (bonding) ir patikrinimo (testing) sistema

F&S Bondtec is the first and still the only manufacturer to offer a machine that combines bonder and tester in one device – the fully automatic SERIES 56. With it, it is possible to switch between different applications within minutes. Now the new edition of precisely that – the SERIES 56i – is out! The upgrades implemented by F&S Bondtec create a better work experience in producing semiconductor devices.

In the new SERIES 56i, you will find an additional control unit, which guarantees even more precise and faster travel. This improvement makes it possible for the first time to make excellent wires up to 12 µm bondable on the machine. The bond head clamping has also significantly improved, and the general machine stiffness has increased. On the one hand, this results in faster and safer head changes and better overall performance of the 56i.

head clamping 56i 450x300 1


Trace-X is a software interface for traceability for the F&S Bondtec 56XXi / 58XX machines. The Bondstar software loads an embedded Python script, and this code is open and can be customised by you. The software calls defined functions of the Python script and report corresponding events.

The goal was to offer a process engineer a variety of parameters for analysis, such as, e.g. the current status, production data, and changes in the program. This information can be beneficial to optimise production processes and to find problems in the production line more quickly.

TraceX Dev Prod 450x300 1

Thanks to Smooth 3D – Trajectory, the movement of the head during the bonding process is even smoother and, therefore, ideal for loop design. Another result of the perfect interplay of hardware and software is the Intelligent Wire Spool. It regulates the unwinding of the bond wire so that it is always under tension, and the coil is unwound in a controlled manner.

Smooth 3D Trajectory Real Positions 450x300 1

Key specifications:

  • Unbeatable flexibility
  • Changeable bondheads for all wirebond and testing process
  • Fully automatic bonding with manual part feeding
  • Store an unlimited number of bond programs
  • Extremely adaptable bond settings, loop shapes, force and power profiles etc.
  • Most powerful pattern recognition system on the market
  • Travel distances 100 x 100 mm
  • 6 in 1

Introducing the 56I System

The Series 56i is also compatible with the new bond weight calibration system MCS-20 and comes with the latest Windows 10.

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