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The New Partner – Analytik Jena

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“Inospectra” started cooperation with the international company Analytik Jena. The new partnership provides a broader range of quality analytical and laboratory equipment, molecular biology instruments and laboratory automation technologies tailored to the needs of all life science researchers.

From now on, we can offer laboratory and analytical equipment for the entire life sciences workflow—sample preparation, various PCR devices, real-time PCR, imaging of biological structures, electrophoresis and sample homogenization, gel documentation, and disposable laboratory instruments.

new partner Analytik Jena

Life Science Solutions We Can Offer:

  • Molecular Biology Instruments

“Analytik Jena” offers a wide range of molecular biology applications, including PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) systems, thermocyclers and real-time PCR instruments. These instruments are essential for DNA amplification, serial gene expression (SAGE) analysis, and other molecular biology techniques.

  • Spectrophotometers and Microplate Readers

“Analytik Jena” offers spectrophotometers and microplate readers for various life science applications, including nucleic acid and protein quantification, enzyme kinetics and ELISA assays. These devices provide accurate and sensitive measurements of various biological samples.

  • Liquid Handling Systems

“Analytik Jena’s” liquid handling systems automate the process of liquid pipetting and dispensing, increasing throughput and reproducibility in life science laboratories. These systems are essential for applications such as high-throughput screening, drug discovery, and genomics research.

  • Imaging Systems

“Analytik Jena” manufactures imaging systems for applications such as gel documentation, fluorescence imaging and cell counting. These systems allow researchers to visualize and analyze highly-resolution and sensitive biological samples.

  • Cell Culture Instruments

“Analytik Jena” offers a wide range of instruments for cell cultures, including CO2 incubators, shaking incubators and cell counters. These instruments provide precise control of environmental conditions and facilitate the cultivation and maintenance of cell cultures for research purposes.

  • Laboratory Automation Solutions

“Analytik Jena’s” laboratory automation solutions simplify workflow and increase efficiency in life science laboratories. These solutions can include robotic platforms, embedded software, and custom automation systems tailored to specific research needs.

Analytik Jena company laboratory and analytical equipment

The products offered by „Analytik Jena“ are the ideal choice for chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, life sciences, food safety, agricultural, water, wastewater, and environmental analysis professionals who are looking for accurate and reliable equipment manufactured to strict quality standards.

Our product specialists can tell you more about our range of “Analytik Jena” products. We invite you to contact us! You can also view all “Analytik Jena” products offered on the supplier’s official website:

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